Cleaning with Natural Bar Soap

There are many different ways to clean around the home; you can hire professional cleaner, DIY using commercial cleaning products or clean using organic natural products.  In this case, we’ll discuss in detail, cleaning with natural bar soap.

Clean with a bar soap

Bar soap is a natural antibacterial that can also deodorize and cleanse various surfaces in and around the home.  Cleaning agents within make it easy to lather and remove stains, makes it gentle enough on the skin without harsh chemicals and is easily dissolved in water.

Use a grater to shave the soap into flakes for use in the laundry.  Not only will your clothes smell lovely, it is capable of lifting stains off fabric.  You can even make your own laundry detergent by using a simple recipe.

  • 5 Cups of grated soap
  • 1 cup borax
  • 2 cups bicarbonate soda
  • 15 drops of essential oil

The next time you think about mopping the floor, keep the bleach away and use warm water with soap flakes instead.  Add some white vinegar in the bucket for some extra grunt, it will keep your floors smelling clean and disinfected and is perfect for hardwood and tiled flooring.

Do you have a timber deck or a concreted entertaining area that requires some attention?  Dissolve a bar of soap in a bucket of warm water; using a long handed hard bristled brush will make cleaning the outdoor flooring easy.  Don’t waste your money on expensive deck and floor cleaners that require a respirator mask to use, a good scrub with an natural product will do just as well.

Remove carpet stains with ease, use a water spray bottle and spray the stained area, rub using a bar of soap until a creamy rich lather is formed.  Scrub the affected area and watch the stain lift and revitalize your carpet whilst deodorizing, use a towel to pat dry.

How much do you spend on liquid detergent?  Did you know that you can save a fortune by washing your pots and dishes with a bar of soap?  Submerge the soap in hot water and wash your dishes with the soapy water, lather the block onto stubborn stains to loosen the soil and cut grease with easy. Now rinse with hot water and dry for a squeaky clean result.

Commercial cleaning products

If you’re not convinced and still believe in commercial cleaning products available at local supermarkets, try to choose products that are environmentally friendly.   Choose products with packaging that are recyclable and choose products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Hire a professional cleaner

If DIY cleaning is not for you then you’re probably one to find a cleaner.  There are many websites out there to help compare cleaning quotes.  If you are set on outsourcing your cleaning, understand that you are trusting someone into your home, business or office.  Ensure your cleaner runs a legitimate business, that they are professional and have the right skill set and have the appropriate level of liability insurance.